Peter John Honan's Lotusland was released in 1992 and exemplified the musical style known as "new age rock and roll." New age rock and roll never gained popular acceptance and the few albums that typified it were relegated to the dustbins of music history. All of the songs on Lotusland were written and performed by Peter John Honan. Honan is now a music teacher and the author of The Grounded Guitar, a book written for the classroom guitar teacher.

Blues Skies Above 1:12
Embrace of the Unseen 8:52
Luzyulanda 1:43
The Jaws of Indifference 1:52
Blue Skies Above (extended version) 6:00
Reflections of Fear and Joy 2:20
The Ocean Beach 4:00
Deserts of the Soul 1:48
An American Dream 1:48
Golden Handcuffs 2:10
Agreement of the People 1:30
Effervescent Essence 1:58
Galena's Galliard 1:45
Pathos 1:38
Premeditations 1:00
Reversal of the Overheated Medium 1:12
Scorched Earch 2:00
The One and the Many 2:00

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All the following songs were performed by Peter John Honan through the magic of overdubbing.
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Gavotte (duet)
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Come Back to Sorrento (quartet)
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